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Submitted on
July 28, 2013


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I'm...I'm back from Japan!! :') + photos

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 28, 2013, 10:02 PM
I seriously didn't want to come back though. Japan was like I remembered after all, unchanging and wonderful. The place I love the most. :cries:

gahhhhhh It's really been a long dA break! How are you everyone?? :iconkissmote: please please tell me your stories, summer experiences, anything!! :love: I truly missed dA! (although I stole the house laptop few times to stalk here :lmao:)
Let me begin with a short list of achievements and goals that I have accomplished during this trip :la: :

:bulletblue: I met old and new friends, few even kindly came from Ibaraki all the way to Tokyo to meet!! :blush:
:bulletblue: satisfied my hunger for D. Gray Man volumes
:bulletblue: collected Chrono Crusade last volume *so many feels* :noes:
:bulletblue: the same for claymore volumes
:bulletblue: satisfied my hunger for CODE BREAKER volumes (seriously it's epic in every sense)
:bulletblue: watched FREE! on tv :lmao:
:bulletblue: went to Akiba once again
:bulletblue: Visited an Aquarium
:bulletblue: went to the countryside
:bulletblue:  ate maccha ice :heart:



BOOKOFF is a bookstore that sells second hand & new manga volumes. The older the volume gets, the smaller the price will be.
Thanks to that, an old volume is roughly 105 yen, 1 DOLLAR guys :la:
then they go up from 300 to 400 << (all the Magi is 400 yen) and eventually special ones are 900 yen (like Chrono Crusade FFF :icontheyfoundmeplz:)
But it's much more cheap than US, Canada and all the rest of the worldddd :la:

I had a whole bunch of trouble with the luggage when coming back though! :XD:

 Dsc5315 by uchuubranko

some quick/ anime-ish photos
Evangelion store in Hakone :
 Dsc6252 by uchuubranko Dsc6250 by uchuubranko
 Dsc5848 by uchuubranko

 Dsc5496 by uchuubranko Dsc5497 by uchuubranko

Tsutaya, a video rental shop that also sells CD/DVD's had a WHOLE SECTION OF NICO NICO DOUGA ARTISTS.

 Dsc5480 by uchuubranko Dsc5095 by uchuubranko Dsc5096 by uchuubranko

 Dsc5531 by uchuubranko

Hajimete no BL manga no kakikata....:XD:
"how to draw your first BL manga"
 Dsc5033 by uchuubranko

Elevator doors in AKIBA are always like dis 8D
 Dsc5447 by uchuubranko

 Dsc5454 by uchuubranko

I stumbled upon a

TALES OF SHOP!!!! :iconrainbowtearplz:

 Dsc5458 by uchuubranko

and it had TONS OF PERSONA IN ITTT :iconcannotevenplz:
 Dsc5459 by uchuubranko

:love: PROPER PHOTO TIME! :love:
I have a photography account as well! :happybounce:>> :iconiwazakana:

:star: few were taken with a cellphone, I forgot my card that day :iconaloneforeverplz: :star:

F1000055 by uchuubranko F1000056 by uchuubranko
F1000071 by uchuubranko
^ LOL sorry for the flip 8D

F1000077 by uchuubrankoF1000081 by uchuubranko
this was the true land of tiny froggies. The day I thought nonstop about SavageFrog.

next, Shinjuku :
Shinjuku by iwazakana
umbrellas by iwazakana

Hachiko by iwazakana

the expensive Japanese transport fees...:stare: it eats away about 20 dollars everytime I try to go out.
tempura by iwazakana yamanote by iwazakana

Some houses from Machida, the place I stayed at :love: It takes 45 minues of walk to reach the ODAKYU line. + the stores
garden by iwazakana deep green by iwazakana
hill by iwazakana
sukiyaki ppoi mono by iwazakana mori no naka by iwazakana
mori no naka 2 by iwazakananatsugumo by iwazakana
pray by iwazakana the curious cat and the apparently wise cat by iwazakana
 forgotten hill by iwazakana
 nyanko sensei family by iwazakana

tokyo sky tree by iwazakana

A JUMP STOREEEEEEEEEE :iconomgcryplz::iconomgcryplz::iconomgcryplz:
all my feels by iwazakana
hey, look by iwazakana n ? by iwazakana

Akiba :
akiba by iwazakana

TANABATA MATSURI, a festival which celebrates day Orihime and Hikoboshi's once-a-year meeting :love:
more info at wikipedia >>…

It was extremely beautiful! :jawdrop:
tanabata 4 by iwazakana
tanabata matsuri 2 by iwazakana tanabata 5 by iwazakana
tanabata 6 by iwazakana bright red by iwazakana
tanabata 9 by iwazakana tanabata 8 by iwazakana

tanabata 10 by iwazakana

utterly sweet by iwazakana precious candies... by iwazakana
tanabata 12 by iwazakana
tanabata 3 by iwazakana

tanabata totoro by iwazakana
tanabata 7 by iwazakana
tanabata beauty by iwazakana


obake by iwazakana

ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE everywhere! :la: :heart:
wanted by iwazakana

There were also wish cards. You write wishes on them at festivals and then tie them up somewhere.
Can you guess this wish?

let us hope for wall maria..... by iwazakana
let me translate :
" wo-ru maria wo dakkan dekimasu youni. "

" I hope Wall Maria will be reclaimed. "


" I hope Wall Maria will be reclaimed. "

Japan is 100 % invaded by kyojins guys, I tell you.

This was THE FIRST wish I read there, so I seriously kept on laughing the whole night. XD

Have another stunning one :

world peace by iwazakana
it writes :



and lastly, I had to take pictures with my partner in crime for some reason...//sadface
but NOBODY WILL SEE MY FACE. EVER. MUWAHA!! thank you, Chopper. :XD:
tanabata 13 by iwazakana


Now it's Hakone time! :love: Hakone is a beautiful place where you can see the Fuji mountain in clear days and explore sleeping mountains. :)
kaerimichi by iwazakana
Hakone by iwazakana  Dsc6479 by iwazakana
There are rivers of hot water :D
and the eggs become black like this when you boil them there : hakone 3 by iwazakana

hakone 2 by iwazakana Dsc6749 by iwazakana
clear air by iwazakana

WE RODE A PIRATE SHIP!!! :love: :excited::excited::excited: it's wonderfully designed, fun, and amazingly BREEZY! :squee:
I truly truly loved it. We had to cross with it a lake to get to our hotel. *about 30 minutes of breezy feels* :love:

tree's shadow by iwazakanalonely up there? by iwazakana
pirate ships by iwazakana
lion by iwazakanahalo captain by iwazakana
let's go cross the seas by iwazakana
lost boat by iwazakana kaizoku sen by iwazakana
tiny red by iwazakana
bath by iwazakanayum by iwazakana

Hakone GARASUNOMORI Museum is a must go if you ever plan on visiting Hakone!! :love:
glass glass glass glass glass

curly glass by iwazakana  precious little fragments by iwazakana

... by iwazakana
already red by iwazakana
. by iwazakana

be blue by iwazakanavenezia by iwazakanaegg by iwazakana

patterns by iwazakana
expensive angels by iwazakana

fresh by iwazakana

I simply loved this place! :love:

hidden place by iwazakana

front seat by iwazakana
tunnel by iwazakana
ajisai on the side by iwazakana

silhouettes by iwazakana

Now we get back to Tokyo, Asakusa :

asakusa 6 by iwazakana
asakusa 3 by iwazakana asakusa 7 by iwazakana
mi ku ji by iwazakana asakusa 5 by iwazakana
asakusa 8 by iwazakana style by iwazakana
asakusa 4 by iwazakana. by iwazakana asakusa 2 by iwazakana
he really seemed to love the little kittens!! :tears: :heart:
i love you by iwazakana

asakusa 9 by iwazakana
asakusa 10 by iwazakana


ocean breeze by iwazakana
mushroom with legs by iwazakana  dance of colours by iwazakana

backlight by iwazakana
dance by iwazakana
blend in blue by iwazakana

ray by iwazakana

. by iwazakana

i like it here by iwazakana

GHIBLI MUSEUM : too bad we had only one hour to visit it because of the tour schedule....:iconforeveraloneplz:

. by iwazakana

Somewhere around UENO park :

entrance by iwazakana
kitsune by iwazakanabloom by iwazakana
. by iwazakana

I also heard a conversation here XD :
C o n v e r s a t i o n by iwazakana

A friend was so kind and invited me to eat sushi. :tears: (that's after I ate a huge bowl of sukiyaki he kindly made the previous night XDD)
look at these pro handsssss

skilled hands by iwazakana

osushi by iwazakana

osushi 2 by iwazakana

And some other random photos I took while walking  : ) :heart:

....the cat one is one of ze best :XD:
it just looks like a fierce yawn.... by iwazakana
just a stick! by iwazakana

sun light ajisai by iwazakana
are you cold? good night. by iwazakana
silent forest by iwazakanamoon light ajisai by iwazakana
don`t come near me by iwazakana

and the flight departing from Japan....give me back Japannnn :iconhappytearsplz:
sunrise, good bye Japan by iwazakana
tsukimi by iwazakana stand out by iwazakana
hello, are you warm? by iwazakana

That's it, everyone! :hug:
I hope you saw what I saw.

I'm glad to be with my family of paws (doggie, Gilbert etc.) and to be at home,
most importantly, my mother made sacrifices to pay for my trip,
but I still wish
even a little
if there was
a tiny fragment of time left
how happy I'd be.

I'll do my best so I can study animation there in few years.

but uchuu is dumb and irresponsible and really late with the mathematics...
this stupid fat star doesn't like to study and isn't aware of the consequences
I hope this trip heals these uncertainties and makes me walk on a straighter path.

Thank you for always being with me guys.


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WickedKURAN Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Amazing! What is it that you're studying for? ^o^ You're so lucky to have gone to Japan omocha-san! So wonderful!
uchuubranko Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm uchuubranko, omocha-san must be ? :'D
Thank you, I plan on studying animation there :w00t: :heart:
WickedKURAN Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
x_x !!!!!!! No! I meant uchuubranko-san! >_< I had omocha-san in mind when I was writing this!!! >o< So Sorry!!!!! 
SplitNinja Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's all so beautiful...
LittleMiss-Miku Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student General Artist
I'll be going to Japan (Don't know when yet) Is there a good amount of English spoken there?
uchuubranko Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student General Artist

There are two kind of situations you can get in by speaking only english :
ask someone a somehow usual but kind of complicated english phrase and :

1) some might be like "n-no sorry" and run
2) some will actually try to help you till' the end without understanding a single word! :dummy: :heart:
The english there is a bit low. But you shouldn't be discouraged by that, mostly ALL the people are very generous and kind! :love: Using basic, basic english would help alot :la:

But having a Japanese language guide might help moar~! :nod:
StuffedPolarFox Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanna go to japan too... Also, I've watched the movie about Hachiko TT^TT so sad Dx
Miphi Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Uchuu you lucky lucky person! The pictures are great!! I'm so happy you had fun :D
MaryMolpa Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Student General Artist


とても楽しんでこられたようなので、なによりです :D



I wish you success, 心より応援しています!:glomp:

uchuubranko Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Student General Artist
お返事が大変遅くなってしまってすみません!!! :faint:

どこの学校でお勉強しているのかお聞きしてもいいのでしょうか? :happycry:

本当にありがとうございます!!:hug: :glomp: :heart:
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