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August 26, 2012


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Money Commissions Open + NEW!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 26, 2012, 5:35 PM
  Revised the main reasons for needing money :
   - mom lost a job - september 4th 2013 - just fuck discrimination ok
   - RENT...:saddummy:
   - FOOD
   - a bit for my grandma in hospital to pay her grave place now...;___;
   - for a biopsy for my cat, Gilbert - not needed now
   - to neuter my dog (she'll have problems if not...OTL) - not now ; this autumn we have to do it

1. :iconxeshaire:
3. :iconhaseoblack: 
4. :iconhika-chuu:

2ND ROW (those will be commenced ONLY when the 1st row is finished
but you still can note me if you want a place (and if you are disponible to wait :XD:) :heart: )

Digital only, through Paypal. (CAD)

:bulletred: INFO :

- I don't draw hentai/porn/ explicit content, although soft BL and Yuri is ok.
- I can try drawing almost anything you'd want, although subjects I haven't tried yet will take a bit longer.
- I DON'T take fanart as commissions, but random humans/OC's are very welcome! ; )
- NOTE : I don't calculate on headshot/fullbody/ etc. You have to mention if you want the character to be drawn full or not/if not what part.
- I will send you the drawing through email without watermark however, it will have my small signature.
- The time it will complete varies from one week to 2 months maximum. I'm slow with school and with everything. Please please be patient. :thanks::heart:
- I will tell you when I finish, and then send you an email to pay. After I receive the payment, I will send the commission. :blowkiss:
- I don't do refunds.  :stupidme:
:bulletred: About rights :
- you CAN put it on your website/blog etc.
- you CAN gift it to your friends, etc.
- you CANNOT print it for selling purposes
- you CANNOT claim that you drew it.

:bulletred:Prices - please note the type you want

TYPE 1 - Line Art

  4$ : lined carefully with pen tool , 1 additional colour accepted (yes you can colour it! :lol:)
ex : torikago by uchuubranko

TYPE 2 - Coloured with Line

- Chibi >>  5$ ;  simple background >> 2$ ; additional character >> 5$
ex : Butter, Scotch and Kokoro by uchuubrankoTajiichan Chibi by uchuubrankoShadowed Porcelain Pc by uchuubrankofish adventure by uchuubranko

- normal characters without background >> 15$ ; additional character >> 10$; 
ex : a blue lake and a white tree by uchuubranko was the closest example, the actual one won't have any background!
:note:(white background is preferred/ please tell if you want transparent BG,
the character will have a small white line surrounding them ) :note:

- character with background >> 30$ ; additional character >> 10$  (any type of background :happybounce:)
ex : sweet dream by uchuubranko I don't need the sky by uchuubranko T s u k u y o m i by uchuubranko heart in the sky by uchuubranko

:new: Portrait (head only + minimal background included) :new: >> 15$
like this but will have line! >> one more time by uchuubranko

TYPE 3 - Coloured without Line
- character with background 40$ ; additional character >> 15$ (any type of background :happybounce:)
ex : sooshitsu wo kakaete, nao ikiro by uchuubranko j o u r n e y by uchuubranko
endless moving waves by uchuubranko k a r e n a i d e by uchuubranko
beyond the sea of clouds by uchuubranko I . w o u l d . g o . b a c k . i n . t i m e by uchuubranko dokomademo by uchuubranko

:new: Portrait (head only + minimal background included) :new: >> 20$
one more time by uchuubranko

TYPE 4 - ???

If you want me to design a character of your story, please send a note :note:. :love:
(might vary from 30$ to 70$ CAD / price negotiable :la: )

Please NOTE :note: me with this form :
- (paypal)email address (*please verify to be right/valid! ) :
- dA name : ex: uchuubranko
- type : ex: TYPE 2, - Chibi >>  5$ ;  simple background >> 2$
- Character / (background only if you have a specific idea) references : :thumb: or from your other sites/
- Canvas size preferences : (it's ok if you have none)
- Description : here's where you tell me what position/ interaction, and generally HOW you'd want it to look! :love: you can also let me think about it, I don't mind! :love:

Thank you so much!! 5 seconds hug

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  • Eating: some planets
  • Drinking: stardust
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OH MY GOD WHY DO I NOT HAVE MONEY? Your art is so beautiful! I wish I could commission artists a lot D: 
I hope you get plenty of costumers though! :D 
uchuubranko Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
I completely understand the money part haha!! :XD: :heart: *sees you as a comrade :eyes:*

aw awwh thank you so much for the compliment! :tighthug: :blushes:
AH MY GOD jUSt when i made my PAYPAL but has NO MONEY YET ///intense sobbing :iconcryforeverplz:

one day in the future; ONE DAY. :iconpapcryplz:
uchuubranko Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
awawww, I understand it completely, I never had money in my paypal for more than 1 week (withdrawing them to bank account mph :V)
Thank you SO much for your wonderful support! :hug: means a looooot!! :love:
Seishiki Sep 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Uwahh so sorry to hear that ; v ; ! I hope things will be fine for you soon :hug:
Good luck with your commissions //wheezes at wallet;;;
uchuubranko Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
awww omg sorry for the late reply!! ;^; :saddummy:
Thank you so much for your kindness!! :tighthug: *glomps* :heart:

mom got a temporary job for now asgasfd :iconforeveralone2plz: y-yay
:iconsupertighthugplz: BEST OF LUCK UCHUUDEARR////
I'm sorry to hear about that, I really hope things look up!;; * H * )9
;; v ;; I'll feature you on my page// 
uchuubranko Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <33 amg your kindness knows no bounds afsjagf :iconihugyouplz: :heart:
thank you so much for the feature as well!!! :glomp: *GLOMPS MOAR*
ahh, good luck, uchuu!

I hope everything gets sorted out. ;;
uchuubranko Sep 22, 2013  Student General Artist
thank you so much, why you so kind! :love: :hug: ;v;
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