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September 15, 2013
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Mythology Contest-Win Great Prizes! WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 15, 2013, 5:45 AM
After hours of soul and heart squishing and help from :iconrydi1689: and her sister, (:giggle:) we finally decided on the fabulous winners! :w00t: :heart:

the 1st place goes to......:iconlovepeace-s:

Gemini by Lovepeace-S
:iconiingo:'s comments: "This was an absolutely beautiful representation of Gemini. The colors are vibrant and the style is beautiful and the stars I think are very cute! What a adorable piece! GREAT JOB Heart"
:iconuchuubranko:'s comments : "The colours are indeed fantastic and they mix together so well! Love The patterns are truly beautifully detailed and the characters definitely tell their story. Just stunning!" Love

you get...
Star!10,000 :points: from iingo
Star!One full drawing for the first winner + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko
Bullet; Blue One Full CG drawing from the wonderful :iconraitokura:
Bullet; Blue One coloured drawing of your OC from the lovely :iconjuices-delicacy:

2nd place by :iconsihx:

Pisces by Sihx
:iconiingo:'s comments: "I always adore the realism style, and this personifies a great meaning of Pisces! I enjoyed the soft colors and I also enjoy the and this is elegant and absolutely great! GREAT JOB Heart"
:iconuchuubranko:'s comments : "It has character and atmosphere, brilliance and volume. Heart I absolutely love the flow of the piece, it just takes your breath and soul away."

you get...
Star! 5000 :points: + feature from eindraa
Star!One doodle for the 2nd winner + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko

3rd place by :icond-oppelganger:

Fight!! by d-oppelganger
:iconiingo:'s comments: "The water effects is absolutely miraculous and so detailed! I can feel my feet touching it! The colors are also very vibrant and I can feel the action in their eyes! GREAT JOB! Heart"
:iconuchuubranko:'s comments : I adore how d-oppelganger pictured a battle scene, and with such a simple but fantastic effect. The water is splendid, and you can certainly feel the tension of the characters. Superb work! Love Heart

you get...
Star! 2000 :points: + feature from eindraa
Star! one sketch for the 3rd winner (digital or traditional) + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko

We also have decided to give 300 :points: (from iingo) and one sketch (from uchuubranko) to each of the
Runner ups, because of their fantastic work and breathtaking pieces :nod:




This piece really took my breath away. :jawdrop: The stars add up fantastically and the overall

beauty of the piece is incredible. 


Millennium Dream by KiwiKuru
The scene here is just amazing! I took my time in observing all the wonderful details. One of the
most creative and lovely ideas I've ever seen. :love:


Mythology Contest:: The Water Bearer by Skunkyfly
I truly love it with all my heart. :heart: It's happy, filled with joy, and so much fun to look at! :clap: :love:


Mythology Contest Uchuubranko by Yamicchi
The character is not only cheerful, but gorgeous as well. The design is so cute and she seems to have plenty of energy to make
our hearts skip a beat! ;P:heart: The perspective makes it all so dreamy. :love:


Aoi Hime by kofuyu
Outstanding presentation and such a charming blue! :wow: Fantastic interpretation, with a ton of gorgeous details! :clap:


Aries by NinjaKimi

I just could not resist the design and the catchy feeling of the artwork! :love: The combination of bright colours and dark, starry sky

is so beautifully drawn. :love:

Let's congratulate everyone for their fantastic works!!!! :iconsupermindblownplz2: 

And thank you SO much to everyone who participated!! :love: Every piece has its unique parts, flaws, and most importantly,

they showcase your neverending effort and patience! :iconheartdanceplz: They're not "just some drawings", they are priceless artworks made by you! :iconlainloveplz:

So keep up the great work!! :icondogdanceplz::icondogdanceplz::icondogdanceplz:

here's the whole collection of awesomeness!…
If you'd like to receive a thoughtful critique on your submission, please just comment below with a thumb or a link, and I should get back to you within few days :hug::heart:

Contest officially closed!! :dummy:
I cannot describe the amount of priceless-ness (?)  we have in the contest folder. :bucktooth: :heart:
Thank you SO much to all who participated, your entries are all beautiful! It's going to be very very very tough to decide! :nuu:
I still have to comment and put in collection few entries, but no worries, I got them all noted down! :dummy: :hug:
It's 3 A.M so I beg your forgiveness I'm going to sleep.
The results should come in few days while me and iingo squish our souls out to decide. :stare: Meanwhile, congrats to EVERYONE for their amazing pieces!! :clap::clap:



Hiya guys! :love:
I'll be managing together with the amazing iingo a Mythology Contest! :squee:

:star: Please do add this journal to your favs so that we can get many many participants!! :la: :star:

:happybounce: :happybounce:

Bullet; Blue Draw a Mythology Constellation in your own perspective! You can find references and details on them right here! >>…
The goal is to use imagination to the fullest! Juggle Simply saying, you have to humanize the examples there and can still add the animal form if any. But a piece featuring only animals would be NO good. Police

:new::new::new:<EDIT : >:new::new::new:

It has come to my attention that many actually have questions with the "feeling" we wanted to describe, we apologize. :XD:

Try to imagine :

- How would the chosen constellation be like when humanized considering THE STORY IT HAS?

HOW do you imagine it?

WHAT would you draw and what elements would you input in the piece to SHOW me about the subject you chose? :love:

How would their personalities BE LIKE?

In what kind of world/background would they live? (Considering the constellation info) 

I'm not looking for a normal school uniform girl with mythological past written in description. You have to show it within your work.:deviation:

try to portray and put every tiny bit of your imagination in your piece! <3 :love:


Bullet; Blue You can enter more than once.

Bullet; Blue You can collaborate with a partner
Remember to always state both of you.

Bullet; Blue Both traditional and digital mediums are accepted. (drawings only :thanks: )

Bullet; Blue Don't forget to write down what Mythology you decided to create.
You're free to describe us the story you wanted to portray within your creation! Love

Bullet; Red Please keep it PG-13. We don't want all nude please. Keep it somewhat friendly.
Bullet; Red Traced works are not allowed.
Bullet; Red No fanart allowed as well.

:happybounce:  :happybounce:

:star: The new Deadline will be December 3rd! :star: no other extensions :eager: :heart:


Star!1st 10,000 PointsPoints iingo

Star!One full drawing for the first winner + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko

:bulletblue: One Full CG drawing from the wonderful :iconraitokura:

:bulletblue: One coloured drawing of your OC from the lovely :iconjuices-delicacy:

Star!2nd 5000 PointsPoints  + feature from iingo

Star!One doodle for the 2nd winner + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko

Star!3rd 2000 Points  + feature from iingo

Star!one sketch for the 3rd winner (digital or traditional) + llama + 1 month feature on profile page from uchuubranko

:heart: Runner Ups will be featured in our journals :heart:

Please post a link to your drawing through a comment on this journal! :la:
you can browse the entries here >…

Judges are
:iconiingo:, :iconuchuubranko:

Star!If you want to contribute a prize, note =eindraa or =uchuubranko, it will be much appreciated! :tighthug:

:dalove:Remember HAVE FUN and use your imagination to the fullest! Heart

:juggle: If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! :) :juggle:

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Minato-Kushina Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
:iconcongratssignplz: Congratulations, everyone! Really amazing pieces! :love:
LuNa-NaLu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on the winners! I personally hoped that :iconyamicchi:'s work would win, because it was my absolute favorite :icontuzkiflailplz:

っち…優勝しなかったか… This was certainly a fun contest! I was able to come up with a few OC's as well! ^^
uchuubranko Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student General Artist
That was one of my absolute favourites, and all were truly great so it was very hard to choose. I think we spent about 4-5 hours ^^;

ざんねんですね。。。m(_ _)m 理由は描いた本人が聞かないと言えないのでーー:saddummy:


LuNa-NaLu Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It must be tough being a judge! There certainly WAS a lot of wonderful pieces out there, and the fact that you could only choose a few must have been so difficult...! :iconsawbplz:

いやいや、だいじょうぶっすよ!こーゆーのはなれてるから ^^ おかげでちょっと色塗りの練習でき:iconmayocookingshowplz:(ウチュウさんのTutorialを見ながら)
Yamicchi Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waaahh thank you for being supportive<3 but we have to respect the judge XD 
Hehe designing is really fun to do ofc~ :3
LuNa-NaLu Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No, no! I totally respect the judges and their choices! ^^; 
And yes, designing is so fun, as long as you know what you're doing! 
Yamicchi Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe~ I know you respect them //hug
And yep I agree :D
d-oppelganger Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG wowww!!! Thank you so much!

Negatic Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Professional
Congrats :clap:
aibic Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013

wow .... I'm bit disappointed, I'm sorry but some ones look like it's not based on mythology or constellation AT ALL..

background with no stars, and characters with random cloths,... don't even think it's for this contest or their random OCs.

Oh well, I'm not gonna point out which, but you obivously see that when you look at some pieces,,, it gives no idea which constellation it's based on.

I didn't participate on this, but I think this is bit different from the instruction you gave earlier. I would have loved to see other entries that is more 'fitting' to this contest's theme ^^.

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